Mountain State Classic Region of AACA
"Share the Passion!"
About Us

We are a local Chartered Region of The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), founded in 1935, and is the largest car collector club in the world with over 63,000 members. Members receive the award-winning bimonthly magazine Antique Automobile, and are entitled to show their cars 25 years and older at AACA National Meets and drive them on National Tours. AACA maintains an extensive library of automotive literature which is available to those restoring antique vehicles, and also operates the world-renowned AACA Museum in Hershey, PA which is open to the public. AACA is also currently working to educate Congress and the public regarding the costs and incompatibility of ethanol gas with many older vehicles as well as gas engines in lawnmowers, tractors, ATVs, etc. The Mountain State Region joins five other West Virginia Chartered Regions, part of the over 400 Regions and Charters throughout the United States and abroad. AACA includes a youth division.

The local tri-county club (Mountain States Classics Car Club) was founded in 1980.  Upon receiving a Region Charter from AACA, the club is now known as The Mountain State Classic Region of AACA.  The club's purpose from its founding, is to promote local enthusiasm, awareness, and ownership of classic or antique motorized vehicle.  Membership does not require one to own a classic or antique motorized vehicle, just a desire to "Share the Passion" of vehicles remembered from our past.  Membership, as is all meetings, are open to the public.  Come and "Share the Passion" by becoming a member, or a guest at any of our events, and other events sponsored by local businesses.  We always have entertainment, food, music, great fellowship and lots of interesting vehicles.