Mountain State Classic Region of AACA
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AACA National AWARD Level - Driver Participation Class - Pre War Award

Mountain State Classic Region of AACE member Franklin Gage, of Pertersburg, WV and Greensbelt, MD won the above award, with the above 1927 Cheverolet Capitol AA.

Per the AACA Award Article: "Another car you may recall seeing in the pages of Antique Automobile, featured on the back cover of the September/October 2013 issue.  Franklin purchased his sports cabriolet eight years ago.  The body style name may be a littel deceiving, just as wehn you look at he car.  While the car has landau irons and a soft top, it is actually a fixed-head coupe.  It has a rumble seat, which ws the first car offered by Cheverolet in 1927.  It was also the first year that a Cheverolet outsold Ford, selling in excess of one million cars".

Great Showng Frankling from all of us from the Petersburg area!